When I left Kansas for New York a friend’s child asked me if things in Kansas were really black and white.  That was insightful.  I spent 30 colorful and creative years in New York City. Weaving and knitting became my passion. I apprenticed with a famous tapestry designer.  Rugs led to tapestry coats and sweaters for celebrities.  I did woven pieces for major designers and for my own collection.  When fashion became too much of a business I coordinated perfume launches for my customers, Elizabeth Taylor, Cher and Catherine Deneuve.


Following New York, we moved to a small coastal town in South Carolina where I began a 10 year career as a mosaic artist.  Mosaic has a mathematical dimension that is both precise and yet allowed me to integrate palettes and shapes that are emotionally reinforcing.  I did sculptural and framed pieces along with some mixed media with whimsical themes.


When we moved to Dallas in 2013 I returned to my work in fiber.  This time rather than woven pieces I am exploring coiling techniques using silk and wool over rope.  I believe that I have found a media that encompasses all of my passion for color and texture in a fluid form that excites me every day.  My work ranges from the quiet monotone of “Winter Birch“  to the bold colors of India in “Bengali Jungle” and “Santa Fe’ with loose knots and waves that reflect the openness and freedom of the city.

Looking ahead, I want to explore scalability in these pieces and an opportunity to collaborate on commission projects.